Our Network Equipment Installation Services include the deployment and and maintenance of Smart Grid and AMI Technology Infrastructure across major manufacturing brands. Whether you need a crew to support installing a pilot system, complete technology exchange, field maintenance work or assistance with disaster recovery, we have the experience and expertise to assist.

Network Equipment Installation services include:

  • Complete Site Analysis and Audits
  • Validate accuracy of Smart Grid or AMI Deployment Design through Field Assurance Design
  • Install Smart Grid and AMI System
  • Customize Network Equipment Configuration, Kitting and Assembly

Optimize Return on Investment and Improve your Customer’s Satisfaction through System Maintenance Solutions.

We are Smart Grid and AMI technology
infrastructure experts.

AMI Products: Allegiant provides a full complement of equipment and accessories to streamline your AMI deployment. Leverage our team of experts to identify and provide a customized solution for your project.

  • Customized network equipment configuration
  • Kitting and assembly
  • Programming
  • Custom enclosures
  • Specialty brackets built to your specifications
  • Remote antennas
  • Specialty cables