Field Services

Field Services

Allegiant offers a full suite of Field Services to ensure energy consumption accuracy and avoid revenue loss. 

  • Field testing
  • Field validation
  • Inspection
  • Site surveys
  • Transformer rated site testing
  • CT validation
  • Sample testing
  • Meter retirement testing

Our experienced staff of Field Specialists utilize proven Radian Research products and WECO diagnostic technology to conduct comprehensive site analysis and meter testing.  You’ll receive a thorough technical assessment including executive summary, findings, results, and recommendations.

Precision and accuracy
of your field assets is our priority.

System Maintenance Solutions

Optimize your return on investment and improve your customer satisfaction through our full service of augmented System Maintenance Solutions.

  • Meter read audits
  • Site safety inspections
  • Disconnects and reconnects
  • Collections
  • Contract meter reading
  • Routine meter change outs

Utilize our field service experts as an extension of your in-house resources to conduct targeted site analysis, recurring sampling, and accuracy validation to maximize your operational performance.  Whether you have annual, seasonal or audit sampling programs, we have the team to deliver the services you depend on.

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