Deployment Services

Allegiant’s  innovative deployment services are built on decades of engineering and program management expertise focused on customer-centric solutions and smart grid technologies: 

  • Residential and commercial meter deployment
  • Network infrastructure installation
  • Program management
  • Warehouse, inventory management and material handling
  • Theft and safety monitoring
  • Work order management
  • Auxiliary services for meters such as tension testing, thermal scan, submeter GPS, and CT burden test

Proven Model

Allegiant offers regional staffing options for the roles of Project Manager, Field Foreman, Work Order Manager, Field Technicians and a full-service Appointment Call Center.  

Additionally, our partnership with Conductive Digital allows all of our customers access to Peak WorkFlow®, a fully integrated planning, deployment and field service software platform providing comprehensive operational tools for transparent project success. This proprietary customer engagement software platform includes bulk meter exchange, billing, quality and safety through a configurable interactive dashboard.

Our suite of deployment services are unified and strictly governed by resilient safety and quality assurance processes that allow our customers full visibility to monitor project success.

We install over 500,000 devices a year.

Warehousing and Inventory Management

Allegiant is well versed in establishing regional inventory and material handling management programs. 

Location:  Our Inventory Management Programs are unified with customer requirements, include recurring reconciliation and are strategically located within the region.  We align a dispersed warehousing strategy to ensure efficient and timely work completion.  

Security:  Protecting customer assets is a top priority. All of our warehouse facilities are enabled with remote security monitoring. Inventory is managed and seamlessly tracked through proprietary software allowing customer visibility throughout the project.  Meters and Network Equipment are tracked by serial number and location using proprietary barcode integration.  This provides real-time visibility for incoming shipments, sample test pallets, material work order assignments, meter removal, meter service activation and final disposition. 

Deployment:  We also  provide asset and cross dock management, material handling, and palletizing.