Allegiant Utility Services and Bellwether Management Solutions are excited to announce effective November 1, 2020, Bellwether is now part of the Allegiant family through a mutual acquisition agreement.

This acquisition allows Bellwether to strengthen its ability to service its customers, provide expanded service offerings and advance our service solutions through innovative technologies that Allegiant provides their customers today. Since 2013, Bellwether’s strategic vision has been to continuously evolve to be the best utility service provider in the Southeast region and thanks to our customers, we have made tremendous strides. The entire team at Bellwether is grateful for the opportunity to serve our customers and looking forward to introducing many new opportunities through Allegiant.

Allegiant Utility Services is the leading provider of utility services in the Midwest and Texas regions. Approaching its’ 25th year in serving cooperatives, Allegiant has partnered with utilities to understand their business challenges and provide adaptable solutions that improve their business. Installing over 500,000 devices annually, we offer quality driven Service Center, end to end solutions for infield testing of meters, managing the exchange of customer endpoints and leading complex deployment of AMI and Smart Grid technology. Allegiant is honored to extend its service offerings and advanced customer engagement solutions to Bellwether’s customers.

As a newly formed division of Allegiant, Bellwether’s customers will have access to a broader suite of service offerings, an intuitive customer engagement software platform that unifies deployment and infield services, Renewed equipment sales to support asset management and much more.

As Bellwether and Allegiant move forward, we want to assure you that services offered through Bellwether will continue in alignment with your agreements. In the next few weeks, Jeff and Terry will reach out to set up a personal visit and discuss the numerous advantages for our customers. In the interim, please reach out to either of us.